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Background bbcode. Com image.jpg will insert the specified image url=http: foo's website url will create a link to http: with the text "foo's website" Any string beginning with http: will automatically be turned into a clickable link that opens in a new browser window By default, every input box has BBCode enabled. Some parts of the system, such as the private message system and journal entry replies, only allow BBCode encoded entries. Other parts of the system, including the biography editor and journal editor, allow you to turn off BBCode. When BBCode is disabled, none of the conversions mentioned above will be applied. HTML Entries In all cases, including where BBCode is turned on, a subset of HTML is also allowed. This is intended primarily for advanced users who want more control over the formatting of entries. The following table lists the HTML tags which are allowed and the associated tag attributes that are allowed. HTML TagAllowed attributes imgsrc, height, width, align, border, hspace, vspace, usemap b i u fontface, size, color, style tableborder, class, bgcolor, background, align, cellspacing, cellpadding, width, height, colspan, rowspan, style tralign, valign, class, bgcolor, background, colspan, rowspan, width, height, style tdalign, valign, class, bgcolor, background, colspan, rowspan, width, height, style ahref, target, name brclear p blockquotetype code ulid olid liid center strike divalign, class, style tt hrwidth styletype, media dl xmp pre h1 h2 h3 mapname areashape, coords, href spanclass, style supclass, style abbrstyle, title subclass, style Attempting to background bbcode

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Type We Show list * List Item * List Item list List Item List Item BB Code You Type We Show list=1 * List Item * List Item list List Item List Item BB Code You Type We Show list=a * List Item * List Item list List Item List Item BB Code You Type We Show list=i * List Item * List Item list List Item List Item BB Code You Type We Show quote This is sample text quote QUOTEThis is sample text BB Code You Type We Show code $this_var = "Hello World!"; code CODE$this_var = "Hello World!"; BB Code You Type We Show sql SELECT t.tid FROM a_table t WHERE t.val="This Value" sql SQLSELECT t.tid FROM a_table t WHERE t.val="This Value" BB Code You Type We Show html <a href="test page.html">A Test Page< a> html HTML<a href="test page.html">A Test Page< a> Post Snap Back This tag displays a little linked image which links back to a post - used when quoting posts from the board. Opens in same window by default. You Type We Show snapback 100 snapback Right Alig

background bbcode Rch at http: Back to Top Milonic Home Page Previous Message Next Message background transparency of last submenu item Posted by: stephankFriday September 2 2005 - 17:37:21 BSTHello There I have 6 menus that each have 4 to 10 submenus. All submenus have rollovers and a solid background. Works like a charm! I have added round corners in each submenu at the bottom. In order to see the round corner I'd like this header to have a transparent background. right now I see the square corners. Here is the link: http: _cr home.html Thanks! Any help appreciated. stephan Here is the code: _menuCloseDelay=200; _menuOpenDelay=80; _subOffsetTop=-200; _subOffsetLeft=-200; with(submenuStyle=new mm_style()) with(menuStyle=new mm_style()) with(mainMenu=new menuname("home")) with(mainMenu=new menuname("action")) with(mainMenu=new menuname("policy")) with(mainMenu=new menuname("publications")) with(mainMenu=new menuname("mediaCenter")) with(mainMenu=new menuname(" background bbcode.

background bbcode Ml> PhpNuke Clan Themes: You are using an invalid IP You have attempted to access this site with an invalid User Agent. If you think this is a mistake you can contact the site webmaster at admin(at)clan-themes(dot)co(dot)uk. Be SURE to include the following information in any email! User Agent: none Remote Address: Client IP: none Forwarded For: none .

background bbcode; = post + tagclose;Cannot be simplified to:CODE var post =;post.value += tagclose; Posted by jim_bo on September 09th 2006 (19:19) Hi background bbcode, Is this thread still active?The code seems to work fine once you tidy up the html on the first page.Im after a basic editor with bold background bbcode, underline background bbcode, italics and link.With the functionality that it adds the tags to the selected words as it does in this forum when posting to a topic.Could the code here be easily alterd to have that function?Thanks Posted by rovingcowboy on March 03th 2006 (08:46) this whole javascript and java codeing error& 39;s thing can be fixed by any none coding moron including my self which am a huge non coding moron. what you need to do is go get the new eversoft firstpage 2006 program they updated their old 1st page 2000 html text editorit still has all the help for all the web page coding script languages you can find the program at sn.

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