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Impact on economy. Imum, this will hit consumers' pocketbooks—and perhaps their confidence. Before Katrina, Goldstein estimated that consumers' annual fuel bills this year would average about $250 more for gasoline and $400 more for home heating oil and natural gas than in 2004. Now he reckons those amounts will go up 30 percent to 75 percent. Costlier energy could adversely affect consumer spending, corporate profits and inflation—or all three. "We could be reaching a tipping point on consumer psychology, especially when people get their home heating bills," says Mark Zandi of "Those will be big."Still, few economists are predicting a recession. Zandi says he's tentatively shaved his forecast for second-half growth from 4 percent to 3.5 percent. On the whole, the U.S. economy has stood up well to shocks. In the three months following September 11, it actually pulled out of a brief recession. The housing boom remains strong; the government reported last week that home prices rose 13.4 percent in the past year, the largest increase in more than 25 years. The 4.9 percent unemployment rate is the lowest since August 2001. The Federal Reserve, which has been raising overnight interest rates since June 2004, might decide to call a halt later this year. "The run-up in energy prices, in terms of the negative effect on the economy, can be a substitute for rate hikes," says economist Stuart Hoffman of PNC Financial Services.Even the direct effects of Katrina aren't entirely clear. Airlines will inevitably suffer from higher jet-fuel prices, and tourism to the Gulf Coast will plummet. impact on

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L Economy (CAFE) Standards Read more than 3,700 books online FREE! More than 1900 PDFs now available for sale HOME ABOUT NAP CONTACT NAP HELP NEW RELEASES ORDERING INFO Items in cart 0 TRY OUR SPECIAL DISCOVERY ENGINE: Questions? Call 888-624-8373 Effectiveness and Impact of Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards (2002) Board on Energy and Environmental Systems (BEES) Find More LikeThis Book ResearchDashboard NEW! BUY This Book Rights & Permissions CHAPTER SELECTOR: Openbook Linked Table of Contents Front Matter, pp. i-xiv Executive Summary, pp. 1-6 1 Introduction, pp. 7-12 2 The CAFE Standards: An Assessment, pp. 13-30 3 Technologies for Improving the Fuel Economy of Passenger ..., pp. 31-62 4 Impact of a More Fuel-Efficient Fleet, pp. 63-82 5 Potential Modifications of and Alternatives to CAFE, pp. 83-110 6 Findings and Recommendations, pp. 111-114 Appendix A: Dissent on Safety Issues: Fuel Economy and Highw..., pp. 115-124 Appendix B: Biographical Sketches of Committee Members, pp. 125-127 Appendix C: Presentations and Committee Activities, pp. 128-129 Appendix D: Statement of Work: Effectiveness and Impact of C..., pp. 130-130 Appendix E: Acronyms and Abbreviations, pp. 131-132 Appendix F: Letter Report: Technology and Economic Analysi..., pp. 133-166 GO TO PAGE: Table of Contents SEARCH THIS BOOK: Copyright © 2007. National Academy of Sciences. All rights reserved. 500 Fifth St. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20001. Terms of Use and Privacy Statement impact on

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A link below to start reading online free! Front Matter i-xiv Executive Summary 1-6 (skim) 1 Introduction 7-12 (skim) 2 The CAFE Standards: An Assessment 13-30 (skim) 3 Technologies for Improving the Fuel Economy of Passenger Cars and Light-Duty Trucks 31-62 (skim) 4 Impact of a More Fuel-Efficient Fleet 63-82 (skim) 5 Potential Modifications of and Alternatives to CAFE 83-110 (skim) 6 Findings and Recommendations 111-114 (skim) Appendix A: Dissent on Safety Issues: Fuel Economy and Highway Safety 115-124 (skim) Appendix B: Biographical Sketches of Committee Members 125-127 (skim) Appendix C: Presentations and Committee Activities 128-129 (skim) Appendix D: Statement of Work: Effectiveness and Impact of CAFE Standards 130-130 (skim) Appendix E: Acronyms and Abbreviations 131-132 (skim) Appendix F: Letter Report: Technology and Economic Analysis in the Prepublication Report 133-166 (skim) back to top Description Since CAFE standards were established 25 years ago, there have been signifi

impact on economy Tigating factors described in the table on page 4 impact on economy, should consider that the reduction may be a maintenance problem or other issue unique to the vehicle. Fuel Economy and Pollution Common sense suggests that the slight reduction in fuel economy from RFG would be associated with an increase in pollution. Fuel economy and pollutants emitted are not always directly related impact on economy, however impact on economy, because vehicles are designed to meet the emission standards on a basis of pollutant per mile. Hydrocarbon emissions and other pollutants such as carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen depend mainly on how much the vehicle is driven and how well the emission controls are functioning. There is little connection between these emissions and fuel consumption impact on economy, although it is to some extent dependent on the circumstances causing the difference in fuel economy. If impact on economy, for example impact on economy, a vehicle suddenly experiences a dramatic change in its fuel economy due to something going wrong with the vehicle impact on economy, there is likely to also be impact on economy.

impact on economy Ices and for the health of Californians impact on economy, as well as shifting additional costs to taxpayers and those who pay for private health insurance."     * 80 percent of uninsured impact on economy, employed Californians don't have access to affordable impact on economy, job-based insurance. According to the survey impact on economy, "…a majority of uninsured employees (55.1%) worked for an employer that did not offer Employer-Based Insurance and another 20% were not eligible for their employer's health benefits."     * Working Californians and their families make up a full 84 percent of the uninsured. According to the survey impact on economy, of California's 6.5 million uninsured people: 4.2 million—two-thirds of the unemployed—are full-time employees and their families.The Governor's comprehensive health care reforms address many of the problems identified by the report impact on economy, including his call for "guarantee issue" and a state purchasing pool to help Californians purchase health insurance.The Governor's reforms call for "guarantee issue impact on economy, .

impact on economy R San Francisco Tobacco Free Coalition and the San Francisco Tobacco Free Project June 30th impact on economy, 1997 United States Global The Tobacco Industry and its allies use economic analysis to argue against tobacco control policies by stating that they will create havoc on jobs impact on economy, tax revenues impact on economy, tobacco farmers and the economy in general. These same arguments are used around the world to promote tobacco production and industry in countries that could put their resources to more humane and health promoting uses. The Economics of Tobacco in the U.S. The bulk of jobs generated by the Tobacco Industry in the U.S. are in manufacturing (48 impact on economy, 800 employed at 114 tobacco factories in 21 states) and farming (136 impact on economy, 000 employed in 23 states).(1) Over the past decade and a half impact on economy, however impact on economy, even as cigarette production rose impact on economy, both manufacturing and farming jobs have been lost. For example impact on economy, the number of tobacco farms declined by 23% between 1985 and 1992.(2) The major contributors to job loss are not decreases in the nu.

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impact on economy Er over the economic production of China." The CR was provided as above, and promoted. But the actual result was completely reverse, for ten-years the CR drove the economy of China into the depth of collapse. It was the group of Jiang that caused the destruction of production. They fabricated various excuses to distract the flow of production. They condemned a basic theory that production power decides the relation of production and the character of a society as "Revisionism". They said, "if the people just do revolution, production will be better naturally." They also agitated workers openly as saying, "don't fear to stop production and work." They criticized the "Four Modernization" which Zhou suggested as "Capitalism". And they criticized anything such as the socialism, that distributes to one's work as "economical substructure to born reactionary bourgeois authorities", that workers had an interest of the civil life a

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