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= ; Expires: 0 Cache-Control: private, post-check=0, pre-check=0, max-age=0 Pragma: no-cache Connection: close Content-Type: text html; charset=ISO-8859-1 bbcode background color Archive - The Helper Forums The Helper Forums > Community > Bugs and Features - Forum Questions > bbcode background color PDA View Full Version : bbcode background color $$f_dr3k0r16May 18th, 2005, 03:50 PMhow to use bb code to put a bacground color behind the text sqrageMay 18th, 2005, 03:51 PMwats bb code u mean html? $$f_dr3k0r16May 18th, 2005, 04:02 PMthis kind that we use to change font and color of the text when we post ChileMay 18th, 2005, 04:05 PMWe don't have a background-color bbcode. Why would we need one? $$f_dr3k0r16May 18th, 2005, 04:06 PMjust if u know it post ok i need it on another forum vBulletin® v3.6.3, Copyright ©2000-2007, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. This site is brought to you by Affordable IT and Warcraft 3 World Editor Tutorials. Wholesale Silver Rings - Houston Wedding Photography - Wholesale Loose Diamonds - Houston Windshield Repair - Steel Pipe - Engraved Corporate Gifts bbcode background

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Tus Example: warn=username This is a warning! warn Description:makes warning to a user Use option:Yes Button image:images editor warn.gif using: WARN="username" warning text WARN Download name=Download tag=download replacement: Codedisplayerror: (Update license status) You cannot view code until you prove your license status Example: download=option your download link download description:File download BBcode Use option:Yes Button image:images editor download.gif using: DOWNLOAD="rar" download link DOWNLOAD you can change rar to what you want to download zip,media ect note:upload document.gif in zip file to images folder Paypal Account name:Paypal Account tag=paypal Replacement: Codedisplayerror: (Update license status) You cannot view code until you prove your license status Example: Paypal Donation paypal Description:Makes paypal donation Use option:yes Button image:images editor paypal.gif using: PAYPAL="paypal account name"

bbcode background He file above: .subborder .subborderend Posted by: RuthFriday September 2 2005 - 18:13:18 BSTHi bbcode background, Remove from those header items Code: offbgcolor=transparent; onbgcolor=transparent; offcolor=transparent; oncolor=transparent; Add to the style I think they all use the submenuStyle for those menus with that bottom image Code: headerbgcolor="transparent"; menubgcolor="transparent"; Also bbcode background, for your information bbcode background, you are not placing the menu in the table as it is supposed to be placed so there will be problems in some browsers bbcode background, notably the Mac especially with IE browser. Remove the main menu from that menu data file bbcode background, put it in it's own file and include a drawMenus(); at the end. It doesn't need the styles or anything just the main menu. Save it by whatever name you want bbcode background, main.js as an example. Then put the call for the new menu_data.js file without the main in it back up with the other files just after the body tag bbcode background, then in the table where you now have the call for the menu_ bbcode background.

bbcode background OPEN & 93;------------------------------------------ You need to do this for all of your installed template styles templates subSilver posting_body& 46;tpl -----& 91; FIND & 93;------------------------------------------ f_help = "& 123;L_BBCODE_F_HELP& 125;"; -----& 91; AFTER bbcode background, ADD & 93;------------------------------------------ n6_help = "& 123;L_BBCODE_6_HELP& 125;"; -----& 91; FIND & 93;--------------------------------- NOTE& 58; the actual line to find is MUCH longer bbcode background, containing all the bbcode tags bbtags = new Array& 40; -----& 91; IN-LINE FIND & 93;--------------------------------- '& 91;url& 93;' bbcode background, '& 91; url& 93;' -----& 91; IN-LINE AFTER bbcode background, ADD & 93;--------------------------------- bbcode background, '& 91;spoiler& 93;' bbcode background, '& 91; spoiler& 93;' -----& 91; OPEN & 93;------------------------------------------ You need to do this for all installed languages language lang_english lang_main& 46;php -----& 91; FIND & 93;------------------------------------------ Full line in English is& .

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