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Bbcode backgrounds. LimeLimeGreenLinenMagentaMaroonMediumAquaMarineMediumBlueMediumOrchidMediumPurpleMediumSeaGreenMediumSlateBlueMediumSpringGreenMediumTurquoiseMediumVioletRedMidnightBlueMintCreamMistyRoseMoccasinNavajoWhiteNavyOldLaceOliveOliveDrabOrangeOrangeRedOrchidPaleGoldenRodPaleGreenPaleTurquoisePaleVioletRedPapayaWhipPeachPuffPeruPinkPlumPowderBluePurpleRedRosyBrownRoyalBlueSaddleBrownSalmonSandyBrownSeaGreenSeaShellSiennaSilverSkyBlueSlateBlueSlateGraySnowSpringGreenSteelBlueTanTealThistleTomatoTurquoiseVioletVioletRedWheatWhiteWhiteSmokeYellowYellowGreen Matthew_UK Oct 24 2004, 01:11 AM That reminds me, I added more posting colours manually for 1.3, I must do it again in 2.0. Pity there& 39;s not more in 2.0 built in by default, my members would really like that. Michael Nelson Oct 24 2004, 01:36 AM QUOTE(.Mike & 064; Oct 23 2004, 08:07 PM)How about these?AliceBlueAntiqueWhiteAquaAquamarineAzureBeigeBisqueBlackBlanchedAlmondBlueBlueVioletBrownBurlyWoodCadetBlueChartreuseChocolateCoralCornflowerBlueCornsilkCrimsonCyanDarkBlueDarkCyanDarkGoldenRodDarkGrayDarkGreenDarkKhakiDarkMagentaDarkOliveGreenDarkorangeDarkOrchidDarkRedDarkSalmonDarkSeaGreenDarkSlateBlueDarkSlateGrayDarkTurquoiseDarkVioletDeepPinkDeepSkyBlueDimGrayDodgerBlueFeldsparFireBrickFloralWhiteForestGreenFuchsiaGainsboroGhostWhiteGoldGoldenRodGrayGreenGreenYellowHoneyDewHotPinkIndianRedIndigoIvoryKhakiLavenderLavenderBlushLawnGreenLemonChiffonLightBlueLightCoralLightCyanLightGoldenRodYellowLightGreyLightGreenLightPinkLightSalmonLightSeaGreenLightSkyBlueLightSlateBlueLightSlateGrayLightSteelBlueLightYellowLimeLimeGreenLin bbcode backgrounds

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New browser window By default, every input box has BBCode enabled. Some parts of the system, such as the private message system and journal entry replies, only allow BBCode encoded entries. Other parts of the system, including the biography editor and journal editor, allow you to turn off BBCode. When BBCode is disabled, none of the conversions mentioned above will be applied. HTML Entries In all cases, including where BBCode is turned on, a subset of HTML is also allowed. This is intended primarily for advanced users who want more control over the formatting of entries. The following table lists the HTML tags which are allowed and the associated tag attributes that are allowed. HTML TagAllowed attributes imgsrc, height, width, align, border, hspace, vspace, usemap b i u fontface, size, color, style tableborder, class, bgcolor, background, align, cellspacing, cellpadding, width, height, colspan, rowspan, style tralign, valign, class, bgcolor, background, colspan, rowspan, width, height

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bbcode backgrounds S 6 packs * 4 themes each = 24 themes. And Yes..A all out "All about ER6" theme pack will also be there phpBB images smiles icon_wink.gif Shouts to Jan phpBB images smiles icon_smile.gif _________________ <!-- BBCode u2 Start -->http 9210sig.jpg (http 9210.html)<!-- BBCode u2 End --><font size=-1> This Message was edited by Loonyworld on 2001-10-08 2318 < font> 09-10-2001 bbcode backgrounds, 07:27 AMHi Guys bbcode backgrounds, I made some skins for the right panel and here they are <!-- BBCode auto-link start -->http 9210 download<!-- BBCode auto-link end --> bbcode backgrounds, <!-- BBCode auto-link start -->http 9210 download<!-- BBCode auto-link end --> bbcode backgrounds, <!-- BBCode auto-link start -->http 9210 download<!-- BBCode auto-link end --> bbcode backgrounds, <!-- BBCode auto-link start -->http 9210 download<.

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