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Bbcode buttons. Center>1. DevNetwork Forums :: View topic - (re)move the "Code" button from ...2. BBCode Buttons in Comments? - CutePHP Forums3. phpBB Bug tracker - BBCode-buttons in Opera 9.14. phpBB View topic - 2.0.19 BBCode StrikeThrough5. Firefox: Custom bbCode button - piQM6. 0.7.6 Changelog - e107 Wiki7. EMACF1.COM :: Mods Database8. Search9. Search10. FAZED - Change LogNext »©2007 Google bbcode buttons

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either.Anyone? angelofmusic Registered User Posts: 1Joined: Sat Feb 19, 2005 5:19 pm Top by Serj21 on Tue Jun 21, 2005 6:06 pm angelofmusic wrote:Great MOD. If it works I don't know which MOD caused the trouble. I've installed the multi-bbc-1-4-0.mod with easyMOD and it didn't gave any errors. So I think it's because of this MOD.Installed it manually and it gives this error:Parse error: parse error, unexpected '<' in usr home blablalablablablabla phpBB2 includes bbcode.php(90) : eval()'d code on line 65When I uninstal both the MOD's, the problem is still there. Also my normal color codes etc don't work either.Anyone? Can you paste the code from bbcode.php arround like 65?Serj Serj21 Registered User Posts: 134Joined: Thu Apr 15, 2004 6:23 pm Website Top by King Moonraiser on Wed Jun 22, 2005 3:46 am The phpbb team seems to be using the span tags for all the formatting. You might want to update the mod to use non-deprecated html. King Moonraiser Registered User Posts: 51Joined: Wed Jun 15, 2005 8:31 pm WebsiteYIM Top by lafong on Fri Oct 28, 2005 8:20 pm Haven't figured out how to reorder the button. But I did get "s" in the button to be in strikethrough text.In bbcode.php, alter this change: ----- IN-LINE FIND --------------------------------- $EMBB_widths = array('' ----- IN-LINE AFTER, ADD --------------------------------- ,'30'$EMBB_widths = array('','30px; font-size: 14; text-decoration: line-through; ') ;This does leave a spare "px" in the resulting web page, but no harm done. lafong Registered User Posts: 2Joined: Fri Oct 28, 2005 5:15 pm Top by Riotblade on Tue No bbcode buttons

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The author does not allow comments to this entry SPLAT! by David Cummins powered by Serendipity v1.2-beta3 Quicksearch Categories firefox (2) In shell (3) Adobe (1) Software (7) Vista (4) javascript (1) On server-side (13) Posting (6) Server-side Software (1) Private (1) QuickMacros (8) All categories Links QuickMacros home QM Forums QM Help The Macro Hook Tags adobe custom buttons extension firefox on server-side posting qm qmscript quickmacros tools upload vista Recent Entries Firefox - PageInfo buttonThursday, July 5 2007moo.fx - javascript effects libraryWednesday, July 4 2007Firefox: Custom bbCode buttonWednesday, July 4 2007Gradient StudioTuesday, July 3 2007PHP Classes - PHP Classes RepositoryMonday, July 2 2007xpi3000 on YouTubeSaturday, June 30 2007Bookmark menu generatorSaturday, June 30 2007Wiki Choice WizardSaturday, June 30 2007Windows Live WriterSaturday, June 30 2007Quick Macros :: Remove window task from taskbarSaturday, June 30 2007 Archive July 2007 (10) Recent... Ol

bbcode buttons An now be included in plugins and detected without the need to uninstall. Plugin-table now registers the e_xxxx.php files and plugin manager now creates global prefs for use throughout e107 automatically bbcode buttons, and keeps them up-to-date. Also added unique key to the plugin table bbcode buttons, which should prevent duplicate entries problem. Any already Duplicated plugin tables can be removed from Admin with a simple button click. Plugin bbcodes and shortcodes (.sc and .bb) are now also stored in the plugins table. 2 new global pref list arrays created: $pref 'shortcode_list' and $pref 'bbcode_list' bbcode buttons, for easy loading of files. These plugin shortcode and bbcode files are now auto-detected during plugin installation ($eplug_bb and $eplug_sc in plugin.php are no longer required. BBcode Buttons. The BBcode buttons now have a template. Plugin makers and themers can now add their own BBcode buttons bbcode buttons, which is particularly useful for those adding or e_BB.php files to their plugins. TinyMCE (wysiwyg editor bbcode buttons.

bbcode buttons Hich is not working in CODE tag. Finally I would just to add that if you define a constant is because you don't want to remember all the number assigned... so bbcode buttons, for example if you put: Code: Download Hide Code: Download Show $user_level == ADMIN is perfectly identical to Code: Download Hide Code: Download Show $user_level == 1 Because you set ADMIN = 1 as a constant. Finally if you define new users type bbcode buttons, you need then to specify elsewhere how a user can have a different level... otherwise you need to change each user level directly into phpMyAdmin. Bambina Cattiva Replies: 2 Views: 74 Forum: General Support Posted: 24 Jul 2007 15:16 Subject: Re: Image In The Signature In IP Press 22 wrote: View Post In ACP make sure you have BB Code enabled- and in the posting section allow bbcode. Yes bbcode buttons, that's all ok....also enabling only tag <img> of html.....null... Press 22 Replies: 2 Views: 74 Forum: General Support Posted: 23 Jul 2007 19:05 Subject: Re: Image In The Signature In IP .

bbcode buttons Ertical and a horizontal flip style Nuttzy BBCode PHP Syntax Highlighter 3.0.3 Highlights PHP specific code when used Fubonis BBCode Scroll Mod 1.2.0 Displays scrolling text using the marquee tag. Brewjah Board Statistics 2.1.5 The Statistics Mod is a complete statistics core for your phpBB 2 board. Acyd Burn Calendar on topics 1.00 beta This mod adds a calendar to your board bbcode buttons, working with natural phpBB auth Ptirhiik Card Ban System 1.3.7 Card Ban and Warning System for phpBB2 Niels Chr. Denmark Categories hierarchy Mod 2.0.0 This mod allows to attach a categorie to a higher level categorie bbcode buttons, keeping all the forum visible on the index page (vBulletin-like view) Ptirhiik Color font bar 1.2.0 Add a bar in order to chose easily the color of your text Mat Complete banner mod 1.1.2 Complete Banner Management System for phpBB2 Niels Chr. Denmark Count Posts Mod 1.0.0 Allows you to select if posts in forum are counted upon creation Antony Bailey Direct user link Mod 1.0.2 Makes the users name .

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bbcode buttons Later) In Opera 9.1, when no text is marked in the posting-textarea and you push one of the BBCode-buttons they get inserted, but the closing tag stays marked... In IE (and probably Firefox) the cursor instead ends up between the two tags, which I think is the intended behavior... See screenshot to see what it looks like. (it is not easy to see because I switced programt to the screenshot-program, but if you look closely you can see that it is marked...)Tested here at phpbbbug4.JPG (12 KB) Comments Posted by -SPM-Mad on May 6th 2007, 17:08 The behavior (setting the cursor) is not in any web-standard. It probally works due to inofficial functions in IE and Firefox, so it might be a Problem with Opera which did not implement these inofficial functions.Eventho I am a proud Opera user I would not consider this as a bug. Post a reply Ticket details Ticket ID: 5269 Project: phpBB 3.0.x Status: Review later Severity: Unknown Component: Unknown Project version: 3.0.x CVS PHP version:

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